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January 23, 2007


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I'm a big fan of co-housing and I happen to live in a section of Boston, where there is a very vibrant cohousing community. I am 48 and have thought of moving in. Don't know yet, but it's a great option.

teresa boardman

Thanks Lisa, I never hear of cohousing now I'll have to read up on it.


Lisa, thanks for calling attention to cohousing (we usually write it as one word, no dash or capitals, it's in the American Heritage Dictionary!) As a longtime cohousing resident out here in Berkeley, CA (and previously in nearby Oakland), I can't imagine any other way to live... I know my neighbors, we help out each other, yet we still have our privacy. Teresa, click on the word cohousing above if you want to read more about it at the Cohousing Association of the U.S. website.

Although "senior cohousing" is the latest development in our area, to accomodate those interested in age-segregated communities, and I've even gotten certified in that area, I'm a big fan (as you are) of intergenerational communities... I'm learning lots from my 75- and 76-year-old neighbors, as well as from my 2-month-old neighbor. Plus, as my friend Jim Leach likes to say, community is the secret ingredient in sustainability.

Rhea, I don't know if there are any openings at Jamaica Plain cohousing (I followed them and visited while they were under construction because I grew up in Newton and have family there), but it is a lovely community.

Cohousing Coach

lisa dunn

Raines, I would love to learn more about the certification you've obtained. Primarily so I can continue to learn more about Cohousing (no spaces or dashes). I think (and hope) it's time will come in Minnesota!

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