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July 02, 2007


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Outta Names999

Be cautious about going the mobile home park route as a solution for senior housing. They are affordable, perhaps, but if high winds and tornadoes are a factor in your weather, beware because they are not safe.

If you do consider a mobile home, you have to look at the land they sit on to determine whether they are a good answer for seniors, and this will vary from one mobile home park to another.

I don't know what the laws are in MN, but in most states, if there is a mobile park owner who controls the land and the residents rent a spot or a lot for their mobile home, the owner, in effect a landlord, can sell the land out from under the residents leaving them little or no recourse.

This exact scenario recently happened in Orlando, Florida when the county sought a mobile home park's land for expansion of a high school. The result: about 100 displaced long-time residents, some lived there as long as 20 years, all seniors, faced moving into more expensive housing and were forced to uproot their lives, a move they did not ever anticipate they would have to make at their age.

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