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August 30, 2007


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Claudia Snowden

Hi, Lisa, what a nice, helpful blog you have here :) Your advice for where/how to live as we age is quite useful, no matter one's present location. It's interesting to see aging from your perspective. Thanks!

Louisville Real Estate

That is a great article, thanks for passing along the link.


Just stumbled upon your blog...very informative! We're in the Denver area and like you use our blog to pass along interesting information to our home care web visitors. We find people using all kinds of ways to finance their growing needs as a senior. Unfortunately, as time passes we'll need to get even more creative because we won't have sources like Social Security. Thanks again for the great article!

Lisa Dunn

Thank you for stopping by! I have family in Denver, beautiful city! Ahhh financing. Baby boomers will have to be creative to find ways to finance their needs!

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