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April 12, 2008


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Reg Fife

I have a question.

I read this article (http://www.in-forum.com/articles/index.cfm?id=197859§ion=News)
about funding cuts in Minn. for long-term care. How depend are assisted living facilities in particular on outside funding? I run a blog on assisted living and I think this info could be useful.

Lisa Dunn

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by Real Sage Advice. I’m not an expert on funding, and I’m not familiar enough with the proposed budget cuts to understand where they’ll come from. Most assisted living communities in Minnesota are private pay, but some do accept county/state and government programs such as the elderly waiver. If the budget cuts effect those programs, they might effect assisted living.

The reduction of nursing home beds in Minnesota isn’t new news. There has been a study decrease since the late 1980’s. This has given the rise to more assisted living and residential care options. Housing and health care will definitely go through growing pains in the next few years!

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