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March 25, 2009


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Alta Barnard

I have no trust in Sage insurance. My husband died three months after taking out a life policy. They send me a letter that they are going to pay my house in full and I did not make a copy of the letter. They did not pay my house and I lost my house. I do not have any insurance after that, I do not believe in "insurance"

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Most states have a 5 year lookback on assets that are either given away or sold. This is to keep folks from ripping of the system, although, the cost assiociated with "long term care" is so outragous, people are looking for ways to get their nursing home stay paid for. Needs reforming.

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This isn’t a new rule. The rule was created so Amy’s mother doesn’t try to sell her home to a friend or family member for $100, and then have the government (Medical Assistance or Medicaid) pay for her healthcare. The rule protects the system and the taxpayers from being ripped off, which is certainly a legitimate concern. (Lately it seems if rules aren’t in place, people get ripped off, i.e. American taxpayers and AIG).

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So if you are a senior, the adult child of a senior, hold a Power of Attorney for a senior, or are the nominated executor of an estate

Patrick Jeary

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Lisa Dunn

@NFL Jerseys: You're right, this isn't a new rule. But home's selling below tax assessed value is a fairly new phenomena. I'm in full agreement with you. It's a good rule. It's just going to require some homeowners and processors to work through an appeal process with the new real estate market. THAT part is new. Thank you for your comment! Lisa Dunn

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