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February 04, 2010


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Max Jackson

I was actually just reading how social media will become more and more important to small business and how we market ourselves. Things are changing at such a rapid pace, its tough to keep up!

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Homes for Sale in Loveland

Yea, agreed. It seems like a lot of people are talking about using social media to grow your business. It will be interesting if that is just a fad or if it will develop into something real.


Yes, social media is definitely it. And for seniors out there just like me, if you find it hard to be a real techie, like with your phone, try Just5 phones. They're great!

Senior Homes

Yes I definitely think that that social media nowadays are being used for business and communication development. And according to some articles that I have read on line that some of the seniors nowadays has more knowledge, has more interest and more techie compared to other users of internet and computers. We shall open our minds to this change. Besides, it's better. Seniors have rights to, you know :)

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