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June 19, 2010


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Miami Gardens Homes

Good post. It’s amazing how many realtors post complete junk. Some people spend zero time and effort on even the basic stuff like photography. Thanks for this amazing real estate blog.

Chuck Marvin

If you ask me, yes. If you ask me, restructuring a problematic mortgage rarely helps the buyer. They can only tread water for so long without beginning to dip under the surface again.

condo in Philippines

I agree that there are some senior homeowners that have either forgotten, neglected, or can't afford their hazard insurance or property taxes. thanks for the post. Very informative.



london pearson We are a premier investment and brokerage firm serving a variety of institutional and individual clients around the world.


Glad I ran into this blog. Hope you don't mind if I tweet this... my followers would find it useful. p.s. How often do you update your post.

helping spokane seniors

What a wonderful, informative blog post! Thank you for sharing this; I will be paying it forward to my senior friends and clients here in Spokane, WA.

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